We are your one-stop shop Fence Company from the Florida Keys to Fort Lauderdale!

• Aluminum Fences

Our Aluminum Fences are perfect for any desired enclosure! We can make them fit to order for any diameter that you need!

• Metal Fences

We use only the finest metals in all of our metal fences and can make them for any clients desired tastes!

• Wrought Iron Fences

If you are looking for a more elegant finish on your fence we always recommend going with our wrought iron fences. They look great around any yard or entryway to your home!

• Wood Fences

If you are looking for the more traditional fence look our wooden fences are a great cost effective choice!

• Chain Link Fences

Looking for a cost effective, low maintenance fence for your commercial property or yard? Look no further than our chain link fences both cost effective and durable these fences will last a lifetime!

• Iron Fences

Griffiths Metal prides itself on its workmanship and attention to detail. All of our Iron Fences truly showcase our love for the craft of fence making and it shows! Take a look at our beautiful work in the slider above!

• Privacy Fences

Trying to keep those nosy neighbors from looking into your yard? Our privacy fences are tall and durable and will stop anyone from infringing on your privacy, so you can enjoy your yard with peace of mind.

• Security Fences

Who ever said that you have to sacrifice style for security was wrong. All of our security fences are beautiful additions to anyone’s home. Our Security fences add beauty and security to any home making it look as if it were meant to be apart of the home while still keeping you and your home safe.

• Dura Fences

Our Dura Fences are by far the most resilient and durable fences that we carry. Worried about having to repaint your white picket fence every other year? Or that it will rot out in the next big storm? Well don’t worry because all of our Dura Fences will never rot or chip and are extremely easy to maintain!

• Vinyl Fences

Vinyl Fences like our Dura Fences are also extremely durable fences and offer great value and protection to any yard!

• Fence Post Holes

We will dig a fence post hole at both the necessary width and height, guaranteed to secure any type of fence post.