As residents of Southern Florida, we all know how hurricane shutters are the most important protection for your home. Hurricane shutters remain the most economical solution for most homeowners to protect window openings in a storm. Prepare ahead of time, and ask us about the different types of shutters we offer so you can make a wise decision when comparing accordion shutters.

Here’s the lowdown on our hurricane shutters and storm protections:

  • Storm Panel Hurricane Shutters
  • Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Storm Panel Hurricane Shutters

These steel or aluminum shutters attach to the walls around windows and doors on bolts or tracks. Storm panels are corrugated, and each piece overlaps the next for maximum strength. There are several styles of storm panels to choose from.
    The first style incorporates both tracks and bolts. The top of the panel is slipped into a track above the window, and the bottom of the panel is secured to bolts that are permanently attached beneath the window.
    The second style uses a set of C-shaped tracks above and below the windows and doors. Bolts slide into the tracks from either side and must be manually aligned with the holes on the panels.

    The third style uses only bolts permanently set into the wall beside the windows and doors. They can be loosened as the panel is hung horizontally, and screwed down to secure it.

In new homes, panels can be missing or were cut improperly, so be sure to give us a call if you are a new homeowner as well! Here are a few more reasons to choose our storm panels:

  • Most durable of the permanent shutter systems.
  • Removable, so they don’t change the look of the house when not in use.
  • Strong, and can provide excellent protection for both doors and windows.
  • Can stack together tightly and take up little space.

Average cost: $7-$8 per square foot
Average storm preparation time: 15 minutes per window depending on the style.

Accordion Hurricane Shutters

These one- or two-piece hurricane shutters are housed beside the windows or doors when not in use. They unfold accordion-style to cover and protect during a storm.
  • Permanently affixed beside the windows and don’t require any extra storage space.
  • Can easily be made storm-ready by one person.
  • Some models can be locked with a key and may be used as a theft deterrent.
  • Glide on wheels
Average cost: $16-$20 per square foot
Average storm preparation time: 15-30 minutes for an entire house